- 1/2 D&D - Ninja from the underground - Miami based DJ/Producer 🇻🇪 @fliphouserecords #fliphouse ;Papisi.com - Treehouse Rsdnt🏡; YouTube:


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Video set available in YouTube 🔥 link at my bio 😈 will update audio set soon in my SoundCloud; video & audio production by   @umbo_records   🐬   @fliphouserecords   in charge of talent, Ceo   @djdagher   on the decks

Hialeah, Florida



D&D Live Set at   @treehousemiami   , performing at Rhythms Party, official after movie 🎥 with the   @rhytms.ofc   family   @djdagher   &   @djdeul   vibe set performance 🔥 live recorded set out now link at my bio - 📸:   @kure______official  

Treehouse Miami



Tonight is the second volume of   @fliphouserecords   at   @hangarmiami   🐬 bringing international dj   @freakthedisco   🔥🔥 and presenting my crew from venezuela residents of   @treehousemiami   -   @kruprds     @djandymartinez     @danegutz     @manaccio_   and performing with my duo   @djdeul   🎧 this weekend I’m performing as a full artist, it’s the first time my record label, my self Dagher, my KRÜ and my dúo work together in one same purpose, push the expansion of our own style   #fliphouse   🎧 we came here to stay.

The Hangar



Djing with my Duo   @djdeul   as D&D tonight at   @thedirtyrabbitwynwood   inside the dirty rabbit hole 🐇😈 performing alongside   @santiago.m_dj   and honored to dj with   @mr.diamond.house   🙏🏻 going to throw some hard beats tonight for   @badbehaviorofficial_   , see you there 🔥🤩   #papisi     #papialways     #refrito     #fritolays  

The Dirty Rabbit Wynwood



- This Sunday 🔥 este domingo Orlando, get ready cuz this party + after is about to get lit 👽 with   @fliphouserecords   by my side and   @bryansanchezmusic   & local talent   @luisnoro_   we are going to build this one up come and dance with us 👟 Miami in Orlando 🇻🇪 brought yo you by   @vibrations_eeuu   &   @infitevents   🛸

Celine Orlando



Y aunque digan que soy, un bandolero donde voy, le doy gracias a Dios, por hoy estar donde estoy 🙏🏻

Club Space



This Sunday   @fliphouserecords   Presents the 3rd Edition Pool party showcase 🥳🌴 presented by   @djdagher   we go pool vibing again 🏖 this time besides our dj residents from   @sungoddessmiami     @ivanobellini_ofc   and   @diaznelson_official   we also bring you   @djdaviddiego   and by   @kruprds   and   @fliphouserecords   we bring you   @dj.niels     @danegutz   and 2/2 half of D&D Dúo to perform solo   @djdeul   🔥 don’t miss this one out, pool vibe for the books 🐬 dress code enforced: pool party so bring your after night change to suit properly 👙

Nautilus by Arlo



Flip House Records resident talent   @manaccio_   🔥 presented by   @djdagher   haciendo que la gente baile pegao; un poco de lo que fue este second Showcase release de Flip House presentando a dos de sus talentos natos y locales dando de que hablar 🥁 en este Pool party de la buena 🙏🏻 thanks all for the assistance & show some love to our boy Manaccio and our girl   @nicolegallamini   🔥 at this   @sungoddessmiami   pool party edit presented this Sunday 19th of Jan 🏖

Nautilus by Arlo



Second Dj Showcase of the Record Label 🏖 Pool party Edition, Introducing two of our most talented ones:   @manaccio_   &   @nicolegallamini   🔥 with the love & Support of our beach Residents of   @sungoddessmiami   :   @ivanobellini_ofc     @diaznelson_official   & the a special birthday set 🎈by   @djritavalenti   🌴 come and enjoy this vibes from 12 noon thru 8 pm every Sunday 🌞

Nautilus by Arlo



My discipline reflects in my martial arts 🥋 Taekwondo has been a part of me ever since i started walking and fooling around — now, I apply it in my day to day and I never forget what makes me be me ♋️ - Shot 📸:   @snapss305   🔥 candela

The Night Owl Bar and Lounge



Recorded by   @wsstudio   studios ⚡️   @djdagher   &   @djdeul   in Duo as D&D showing some After Hours love with the sun rise 🌞 at the   @night_owl_bar   🏡 releasing my Dark Side 🌑



- I’ m glad to introduce you to the very first showcase of   @fliphouserecords   with the hard work and unity of sounds, we’ve created a new concept of artist and music 🎶 where the variety flows and you will never stop feeling the rhythm 🔥 presented by   @djdagher   , brought in by   @pressuremiami   and support of   @dagpromiami   &   @undr___   - We are proud to present this talented DJ’s & Producers: From argentina   @mak.musicc   🇦🇷 and from venezuela 🇻🇪   @erickmusic   & Half Duo of D&D   @djdeul   save the date come and party with us this Saturday 18th of January it’s one for the books 🔥   #miami     #dj     #producer     #techno     #party     #afterparty     #underground     #minimal     #techhouse  

Barter Wynwood


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