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Omar Raja

Pretty awesome to get the LeBron stamp of approval 3 months into a new job! Everyone follow   @SportsCenter  , it’s the best sports account on Instagram! 🙏


Omar Raja

I never thought my first time meeting Magic Johnson would go like this… 😂   #ad  


Omar Raja

Thanks for the advice Kobe, I'll never forget it. 🙏🏽


Omar Raja

Leaving behind House of Highlights was the hardest decision I've ever made, but I truly have the job of my dreams at ESPN and you’re all invited to come with me. Follow   @SportsCenter  ! DM the account! Let's do this! 🔥


Omar Raja

Always meet your heroes! 🙏🏽


Omar Raja

Always cool when you meet a legend at the   runs. 🙏⁣ 📷:   @nextsubject  


Omar Raja

Got to hang with   @stephencurry30  ,   @joelembiid  ,   @desmith4  , and   @therealmobamba   in China for a week during the Under Armour Asia Tour. Big thanks to UA for the invite, the entire tour was just ridiculous, got some really good content coming out soon! 👀🙌🏽

Shanghai, China


Omar Raja

Who would’ve thought that one day   @houseofhighlights   would get an official NBA Award? Thank you all for making this happen!! 🙌


Omar Raja

If you know me and honestly if you follow   @houseofhighlights   you can probably tell I’m a huge Drake fan. 2018 was an up and down year for me and Drake’s lyrics were one of the few things I could relate too. I NEVER thought I would get the opportunity to meet him but somehow the legend   @taylorrooks   was able to make it happen! 🔥

Toronto, Ontario


Omar Raja

  @spidadmitchell  ’s reaction might be as good as mine. 🤣🤣🤣

New York, New York


Omar Raja

When I was in college, me and my friends used to get in trouble from arena security for trying to sneak into the lower level when we had tickets for the nose bleeds. 😂 So there is no way I ever thought I’d be sitting with   @DwyaneWade   and reacting to his highlights. Life is crazy.

Miami, Florida


Omar Raja

Today wasn’t a bad birthday. 🎂 📷:   @dylanmacnamara  


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